Terms and Conditions for Birthday Party Corp:

1. Booking and Payment:
- A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to secure the party date and services.
- The remaining balance must be paid before the scheduled party date.

2. Party Details:
- Party packages and services are subject to availability.
- Any changes to the party date or package must be requested in writing and are subject to approval.

3. Cancellation and Refunds:
- Cancellations made within 7 days of the party date are non-refundable.
- Refunds for cancellations made before 7 days will be subject to our return policy.

4. Liability and Safety:
- Birthday Party Corp is not responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur during the party.
- Parents/guardians are responsible for the supervision and safety of all attendees.

5. Damages:
- The host is responsible for any damages caused to the party venue or equipment during the event.

6. Photos and Videos:
- Birthday Party Corp may take photos or videos during the party for promotional purposes unless requested otherwise.

7. External Vendors:
- If the host hires external vendors, they are responsible for coordinating with them for setup and services.

8. Compliance with Laws:
- The host and attendees must adhere to all local laws and regulations during the party.

9. Force Majeure:
- Birthday Party Corp is not liable for any disruptions caused by unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.